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Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo/Zip Lining

Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing is one of the most popular adventure excursions in Belize. It allows you to see the ancient Underworld of the Mayas where sacred rituals were performed. Our excursion guides will lead you through our beautiful Belizean Tropical Rainforest and tubing down our adventurous river to see the mysterious caves that are known as the dwelling places for many Mayan Gods. Splash into the refreshing waters and float lazily downstream observing amazing cave formations that were formed before the dawn of mankind.


The Zipline adventure starts with a 10 minute hike through Belize rainforest to the base of the starting platform where you will be fitted into harness that will allow you to connect securely to the over head cables which make up the zipline system. You will also be provided with gloves and a helmet for added safety and comfort. You will then climb up a stairway for about 30ft to the top of the first platform. Once there, one of the guides will assist you in connecting to the overhead cable and you will begin the first of 7 zip runs. The first zip run is considered a beginner´s zip run of 150ft long to the second platform. The six zip runs after that range from in lengths from 200ft to 600ft between the treetop platforms. There will be a guide on every platform to assist you with landing and taking off. The entire course takes about 40 to 60 minutes.

ATM Cave - $500.00
Cave Tubing / Zip Lining - $325.00
Cave Tubing / Zoo - $350.00
Cave Tubing / Zip / Xunan - $450.00

Prices in USD plus Taxes per person.
Full payment is required for tour confirmation.
Inland tours include a 15 minute round trip flight and transportation to/from El Secreto.

Cancellation Policies:
This tour must be cancelled with at least 48 hours prior to the Tour departure date in order to avoid any type of penalty. Failure to company with this will cause a 100% charge to your account or 0% reimbursement.